Thursday, September 10, 2015

Um, Think People

The Chargers first game of the season is Sunday, and it is a home game. They plan to wear their all-white uniforms, which makes sense given that the temperature is forecast to be in the nineties Sunday, and are urging fans to wear white to the stadiunm as well. They are marketing this under the slogan "Unite in White."

Given the media attention to "Black Lives Matter," I think they could have picked a better theme, or at least a better slogan. But what the hell. Go Chargers.

I'm not actually a fan of the all white uniforms. I think they look a little... What's the word I want? Perhaps, "dainty."

Update, 9:20am: I thought of a better word: "prissy."


  1. bruce8:44 AM

    So the opposing team gets to wear dark uniforms, which will make them pant like dogs and faint on the field? Ok, works for me. Might help the Chargers defense.

    The sound you hear is me rolling my eyes at the "unite in white" vs black lives matter... All lives matter, but the noisy ones get the attention, whether it's good or bad publicity.

    I feel sorry for the people that get to wash the all white uniforms. Yeww, But they probably have pressure washers, chemicals, illegal immigrant coolies or whatever to wash them. Wait, did I just say that? San Diego is a sanctuary city, right?


  2. Um, no. You are thinking of San Francisco, which is to the north of you. We are down here to the south of you and we are emphatically not a sanctuary city.