Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Sports Notes

Local sports writer Kevin Acee notes that the average age in the Chargers locker room has decreased from 27.4 years to 26.3 years. He seems to think that fact is somehow significant.

Danica Patrick, who one writer said six weeks ago was "on the verge of making the Chase" because she was in 19th place, finished 42nd on Sunday, dropping her from 21st in the standings to 23rd. One needs to be in 16th or better to make the Chase. Her best finish is 9th. She crashed because her car "suddenly got loose."  I don't think so. These cars do not have minds of their own. They respond to driver inputs.

Carl Edwards did his usual back flip from the driver's window after winning the Southern 500. He did it on the start'finish line of the speedway, defying his car owner, who prefers that he park the car in the grass for that performance. Carl has never missed on his back flip, but Joe Gibbs is the nervous type.

Auburn is famous for its defense, but the Tigers have some work to do. Louisville had four possessions in the second half and scored on oll four of them. Gus Malzahn was not pleased. Neither was I, but I don't count.

Stanford went for the easy opener, not actually a tomato can but not much better, and it backfired. They lost to unranked Northwestern 16-6. One has to chuckle a little bit. LSU was opening against an actual tomato can and the game was rained out; well, lighteninged out. I think I'm grateful for that.

Nick Canepa, who I think is actually a mental patient posing as a sports writer, is picking the Chargers to win their division. More reasonable minds are picking Denver, but I think Kansas City will win it. I believe they are a highly underrated team. Alex Smith and Andy Reid are a good combination, there are some very good receivers, Jamaal Charles is in good health, and I am convinced that they have polished their defense to a high gloss.

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  1. bruce8:56 AM

    According to the standings, Ms Patrick was nowhere close to "making the chase", unless her dog just slipped the leash. Maybe the pavement got loose. Her tire got loose. the bolts holding the car together got loose. Her screws got loose. Ha ha. moving on...

    I have heard that the Charger should win their division. I don't expect the Broncos to win it, but they might possibly get high enough to squeak in. That's a big if. Poor Peyton Manning, so close and yet so far. Yes, I'm being snarky.