Friday, September 11, 2015

That Was Just Sad

The Steelers were at one time a football team. I don't know what they are now. Their defense lined up with no one on the left side of the field, and when Gronkowski caught the pass they finally woke up and sent someone after him who made as badly a missed tackle as I have seen at any level of the game. It was real Pop Warner stuff. Their idea of pass defense appears to be shouting insults at the receiver as he runs past them.

On offense they went down the field to the Patriot 26 and 28 yard lines where they missed two field goals. They went to the Patriot 14 yard line, were backed up by penalties and punted from the 34 yard line. In the second half they had first and goal, failed on third down but got a penalty giving them a second first and goal, and still had to settle for a field goal. In the first three quarters they had gained 380 yards on offense and had scored three times for a total of 14 points. Pathetic.

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