Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yet More "Cooking Magic"

It was originally titled "You're Cutting Your Steak Wromg,"  but after thousands of comments saying "No I'm not, I've been slicing my flank steak that way for fifty years,"  they changed it to "The Trick To Making Flank Steak As Tender As New York Strip,"  which is only slightly closer to being accurate.

The "trick" is to simply slice the flank steak across the grain after cooking it, which has been known by everyone who has ever been within fifty yards of a kitchen. It does not makes it as tender as a New York, by the way, even their little demo admits that it remains 16% tougher. One wonders, though, why after all of those comments they didn't just decide that everyone already knows to do this and simply ditch the article.

They sort of imply that flank is a substandard steak, served by people who can't afford the better cuts, but it has a very nice flavor all its own. Top restaurants serve it, calling it "London Broil,"  and I have been known to grill
it even when I could have afforded a nice T-bone.

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  1. bruce8:06 AM

    How did they get the 16% figure?