Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Clinton Emails

This subject is being handled like the patter of an auctioneer; designed to whip the audience into a frenzy and obscure what is actually going on.

Did Clinton’s email server contain any material which was classified? Not in the form of an outgoing email, since she alone generated those, she alone had access to the server, and nothing is classified until someone classifies it. Obviously she did not access her own server and mark anything classified.

Emails which she received would, by the same criteria, not be classified since they were new material at the time they were sent.

There is a possibility that there might be classified material in the form of an attachment to an email, so the question is not exactly stupid, but it invites obfuscation.

Did Clinton’s personal server, however, contain material that should have been classified? Well, let’s consider this. That system was her only means of email communication, and if she was not sending and receiving sensitive information via email as Secretary of State, then what the hell was she doing to earn her salary?

A Secretary of State whose email was entirely suitable for public release would without question be the most worthless cabinet member in the history of the United States, so why are we even having this discussion?

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  1. It shows her (and WJC as well) penchant for deflection, innuendo, obfustication, delaying, ploitical machinations, outright lying and general smelling bad.

    I do not like that kind of actions especially from someone who aspires to ever higher office and responsibility. Not my idea of someone who I want as Senator, SecState or the presidency.

    Never mind anyone else right now, although it applies to anyone /everyone.