Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Potpourri

Megyn Kelly strikes back at the attack from Donald Trump by saying that, “I will not apologize for doing good journalism.”  The point is moot, I think, since she didn’t do any journalism at all, good or otherwise, but then she also owes no apology to a New York buffoon in any case.

Big news from NASA that the “universe is slowly dying,” with galaxies becoming more dim, etc. I’m not sure why this is startling anyone, since I learned the basic law of entropy sixty years ago that “all systems tend toward equilibrium.”  So the universe is tending toward a state where all energy is equally distributed. I could have predicted that in my high school physics class.

We lost two good ones Sunday, two men who had much in common. Both excelled at the sport in which they engaged, and both had the exceedingly rare ability to become superb media representatives for their sport after retirement.

Frank Gifford was a halfback and a wide receiver. He played his entire career with the New York Giants and was second only to James Taylor on that team’s list of all time greats. He was exciting to watch on the football field, and delightful to listen to in the announcer’s booth. He will be missed.

Buddy Baker was a race car driver, specializing in stock cars. He won a lot of races and was one of the funniest men in NASCAR, once commenting on another driver’s crash by saying that, “he ran out of talent halfway through turn two.”  He was a southern gentleman in the finest sense of the word, which included an ineffable courtesy to women. When he retired and took up the microphone he was a joy to listen to. He died Sunday after a short battle with lung cancer.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer of San Diego revealed the latest plan for funding a new stadium for the Chargers, necessary because the last plan floated like a lead colander. This one, he promises, means “no new taxes” because the public funding is in the form of $350 million in bonds. Bonds which, apparently, are unique in that they do not have to be repaid to the investors who buy them. Or perhaps they will be paid by unicorns emerging from those rainbows which Mr. Faulconer sees hovering over the Pacific Ocean.

It also included a 6,000-page environmental impact report that was prepared in less than two months. That’s pretty awesome. Forget the research; how many people did it take just to type 6,000 pages in two months?

I think they should pay for a new stadium with the $1 billion worth of cocaine that the Coast Guard just brought in to San Diego.

Speaking of football, which I have to admit does have me a bit excited, I keep thinking that I’m going to watch preseason games, and then I remember why I don’t watch them when they turn the game into mere background for their irrelevant interviews and discussion group blather.

Another cooking article that presumes to teach me how to cut a cantaloupe in half without having it roll out from under my knife. Seriously. I’m waiting for the one that teaches my grandmother how to suck eggs. This one shows, at the end, cutting the flesh of the melon from the rind by using the knife in the right hand to cut towards the left hand which is holding the partial melon. Yikes. Did his mother teach this author nothing?

Hillary Clinton has a plan to have government spend $350 billion to send people to college without them having to go into debt. Um, might it be a better idea to legislate to force universities to charge less money?

Of course that’s consistent with “health care reform” where, rather than driving down the cost of health care, we provide government money to allow more people to pay the existing cost. In both cases it is Democrats who would rather spend taxpayer’s money than drive down corporate political donor profits.

Republicans, of course, claim otherwise but government spending increases on their watch as fast as it does under Democratic control.

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  1. Bruce4:10 PM

    Your potpourri smelleth, sir. Just kidding.

    I did not watch the Rub debate, simply because I was not interested. So I have no opinion. Except Mr. Trump is a ass.

    Mr Gifford was cool , and I don't know about the other gentleman, but "running out of talent mid-turn" is quite amusing. I notice you made no mention of Peter Jennings.

    Maybe the mayor of San Diego mixing up his nouns and adverbs. Oh, and using the $1B in cocaine would require selling it, which would be awkward. Unless you sold it back to the cartels. That might work.

    I hope the melon cutter has a sharp knife, then his knuckles will be separated cleanly and painlessly. And I'll ask your sister about your grandmother. Or not... Don't want her to hurt herself rolling her eyes.

    Getting colleges to charge less is like taking a bone from a dog. Ain't gonna happen without somebody getting hurt.