Friday, June 20, 2014

Regime Change Again

This time of a thug who we put in charge. Obama is saying that we may commit to air strikes in Iraq, but not until Nuri al Maliki changes his ways and forms a “more inclusive” government or steps down.

Where have we heard this before? It’s a refrain which has been sung by the executive branch of this nation for several generations, going back in the Middle East to 1953 when we overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran.

Usually when we overthrow the leadership of a country we learn our lesson and move on to other countries for our regime change mania, but Obama has unlearned that lesson for us and is committing to a second regime change in the same nation after barely more than a decade regardless of how badly the first one turned out.

Not only that, but having been dissuaded from his “red line” rhetoric regarding Syria last year, Obama sees this as a chance to renew the opportunity for regime change in Syria by going in through the back door. He has pronounced that if he commits to air strikes in support of Iraq against the dreaded ISIS forces then those strikes would not be restricted to Iraq but would include strikes against those forces in Syria.

Sort of like bombing Cambodia during the war in Vietnam, you know, but we all know where air strikes against ISIS in Syria would lead. In Libya we morphed from a limited protection of Benghazi to “we will not stop until Ghadaffi is gone” (and most of Libya is rubble) in a matter of hours after
the first bomb fell.

ISIS has done us a favor. Two for the price of one. What a deal.

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