Sunday, June 22, 2014


My wife locked her purse in her car yesterday, a feat which she accomplished by dropping her car keys into the night deposit box of the San Diego Library. As much fun as it might be to do so, we will not explore any theories as to why she did that. Her first thought was to call me at home; a plan which was thwarted by the fact that her cell phone was in the locked car with her purse.

A San Diego Police officer was nearby and, manfully resisting his tendency to laugh his ass off, promptly offered assistance. She decided that having him call me might not be the best idea. “Mr. Heffner, this is the police, I’m calling about your wife.” I’ve already had several strokes and one heart attack, and Anyway, he allowed her to call me on his cell phone.

I could not, however, bring her the spare car key because she carries that with her in her purse in case she locks the car keys in the car, which she has done once before. She doesn’t want to have to wait for me to bring the spare key to her if she does that again, so she carries the spare key in her purse. Good plan, except that it doesn’t cover you if you lock your purse in the car and drop your keys Never mind.

She could not call AAA because not only was her cell phone in the locked car, but so was her AAA card, in her purse with the spare key, so she had me call AAA in her behalf. I could not, of course, call her back to tell her I had done so, but we know each other well enough that such a call was not really needed.

Meanwhile, the reason that the police officer was there was that an alarm was going off in the library. Apparently someone had been left behind and locked inside when the library closed and, in the process of leaving after the library was closed and locked, had set off an alarm. A library manager had been called and was on the way to shut off the alarm and the officer was standing by until he/she got there.

When that happened my wife was able to get in the library and retrieve her car keys, so she called me and asked me to call AAA and cancel the rescue. The rescue was quicker than my call and so she and the tow truck driver waved at each other as she was leaving the scene when he arrived.

Living with my wife is many things, all good of course, but it is seldom dull.

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  1. I had a similar close call when I locked my keys in my friend’s car when we were at a state park scenic look-out view. The overlook was, of all places, at the top of a mountain. We did manage to get in, but otherwise we would’ve had to hitch a ride into the nearest town and find a locksmith.