Friday, June 27, 2014

Real World Politics

Mr. Obama announced yesterday that he wants Congress to give him $500 million with which to train moderate rebels in Syria. Wow. How much training can be done for $500 million? More to the point, how many weapons can be purchased for $500 million? Why do I think the second question is much more pertinent than the first?

Meanwhile, while we are arming training Syrian rebels, Mr. Kerry is telling Russia to disarm the rebels in Ukraine. And not only must Mr. Putin disarm those rebels, assuming that he has the ability to do so, which is highly unlikely, but he must do so “within hours” of Kerry telling him to do so.

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton are flying around the country touting her new book and telling people that they understand the working class because they worked hard for their money and are themselves members of the working class. They make a speech to that effect just after their private jet lands and just before they retire to the penthouse suite for champagne and pheasant under glass for dinner.

And finally, Mr. Obama is making a tour of the Midwest where he “spent a day in the life of a young Minnesota accountant struggling to make ends meet.” He had lunch with her and then went to a park for a “town hall” type meeting where “350 invited participants” had gathered. I’m sure her typical day includes meetings in the park with 350 Obama loyalists.

This trip had the stated purpose of “reconnecting Obama with Democrats ahead of midterm elections,” which seems a bit odd considering that he isn’t running for office in that midterm election.

These people are just utterly detached from reality.

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