Thursday, June 12, 2014

Busted. As In Broken.

As an example of how badly broken our all-volunteer military is, to illustrate just how thoroughly that principle is failing this nation, consider this,

Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier who deserted in Afghanistan, was discharged from the Coast Guard a mere 26 days after completing boot camp. The Army was aware of that, but gave him a waiver and signed him up in a combat role. They were gearing up for Obama's 30,000 man "surge" of troops in Afghanistan at the time.

Our active frontline military level is 1.43 million, 2.28 million including the reserves. According to the above, we are so badly stretched that we did not have 2% of the active military, or 1% of the total, available to man that "surge" and the recruiting pool is so badly depleted that we had to use Coast Guard rejects.

The military has a term FUBAR, the clean version of which stands for "fouled up beyond all recognition" and means that something has become unrepairable. This is the "best military in the world" and we are filling it with Coast Guard rejects?

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  1. When i was a Coastie a lot of ex Army types wanted to in. Very few were qualified. Ex USN and Air Force types usually were accepted..