Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PITA Feline

imageMolly has been dealing with some dietary issues, which reached a peak on Sunday; not only refusing to eat, but barfing up water and having a mild case of diarrhea. So, right after the Chargers lost we took her to the emergency vet, where she was kept overnight on IV fluids and medication. It was not fun going to bed with her not here.

Yesterday we took her to a feline internist (!) for exam, blood work and an ultrasound. Turns out they believe she has pancreatitis, but they can’t quite prove it. We are now medicating her for it, with five different pills twice per day. She doesn’t care for that, but pretty much takes it in stride.

She is doing fine today, eating canned food and demanding attention when she is not sleeping. They had to shave her belly for the ultrasound, which bothers me more than it seems to bother her.

You do not even want to know how much all of that cost.


  1. bruce8:49 AM

    poor kitty... and poor bank account. I do know how much that can cost and it ain't pretty. Are having trouble getting the pills in her? heh heh The belly fur will grow back.

    PITA = ?

  2. Our elderly cat has been having issues of late also. Not eating as she should and stomach distress. My better half bought a different "flavor" of the high dollar premium cat food and I think that was the problem. She seems to be better now that she is back on her regular far.