Sunday, September 01, 2013

It's Football Time

Well, LSU won, but it was not pretty. The offense was fine most of the time, especially Mettenberger, who showed vastly improved maturity. I wonder how much of that has to do with Cam Cameron. The defense was its usual self in the first half; tunnel vision and missed assignments but giving up only three points to the opposing offense. In the second half, facing a running quarterback, they looked like buffoons.

Fortunately it’s almost three months before they face that cocky, arrogant, money signaling, piece of crap with his autographing pantomime. I’m hoping that somebody breaks his fucking leg between now and then. In three places. Failing that, perhaps Les Miles has time to teach his eighth-grade ladies how to tackle a quarterback.

My family tells me I was supposed to favor TCU because my father went to school there. Well, big deal. He also went to Texas A&M, and I’m certainly not rooting for them. Anyway, despite having been born in Texas himself and having two children born there (not me thank God), my father always tried to pretend he’d never even been in the state. He regarded it as a blighted piece of leftover dirt that we should have given back to Mexico.

Silo Tech, which is what Jayhawk fans call KSU, fell to a really good FCS team. So did 5 other FBS teams, which maybe ought to tell us something.

San Diego State was one of them, on the short end of a 40-19 score to Eastern Illinios. Wait; is Illinois wide enough to have an "Eastern" anything? Rocky Long is not noted for being stoic, and he was not last night. He would not let the players speak to the media and said, "That was a bad a performance as I've ever been around." Happily for me, the game was not televised locally, but the morning writeups do not treat the Aztecs kindly.

North Dakota State earned their victory over KSU. They finished the game after trailing by four, with a nine minute march down the field to score the winning touchdown with twenty seconds left. That was a machine-like, precision march which is seldom seen in college football, and it was a thing of beauty. The stadium went silent halfway through it, because it was obvious what was going to happen.

Utah, which for some reason is in the Pac 12 South, had to work to beat a quality Utah State team. There is one state north of Utah, but there are a hell of a lot more to the south of it. Anyway, no surprise, as Utah lost to Utah State last year, and the Aggies are going to win quite a few games.

Screw a bunch of missiles and Middle East hellholes, it’s college football season.

Update, 20 minutes later: Well, shit. So there are two states north of Utah and only one state south of it, and maybe it does belong in the Pac 12 South. What do I know; I'm 12 miles north of Mexico.

When I lived in Atlanta I had a friend in Columbus, Georgia who regarded me as a Yankee. Not because of where I lived before, but because I lived in Atlanta. All things are relative.

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  1. A yankee in Atlanta? I thought the Yanks burned Atlanta....

    LSU from Grandma (yours...) and Tulane from Grandpa? (mine)

    Oh and the Chargers were smoked in the last preseason game. I thought of you after that game.