Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Perhaps I should clarify what I wrote earlier about California driver’s licenses. I don’t care if this state wants to issue driver’s licenses to illegal residents. It’s no skin off my nose and if it makes people feel good than by all means go for it. My post was merely to point out the illogicality of Governor Brown’s statement that doing so will allow illegal immigrants to “drive to work safely and legally.”

First of all I know of no manner in which having a driver’s license makes one safer behind the wheel of a car. The idiot who was racing at 110 mph and killed himself and his three passengers had a valid driver’s license, as did the moron who was texting when she hit a bridge abutment. I have no data to prove it, but I'm willing to bet that a great many more accidents are caused by drivers who do have licenses than by those who do not.

Further, illegal immigrants are not even in this country legally, so how can they drive in this country legally? And, since they cannot legally work in this country, the legality or illegality of their driving to work is of very little consequence.

There is the advantage of licensing illegals, in that it does lead to a greater likelihood of them being insured, but “driving to work legally” is simply not a benefit of issuing licenses, and Brown’s statement is absurd in its entirety.

As is the concept of issuing an identification card which is labeled as not being for the purpose of identification. If it is not for that purpose, why does it have a holographic photograph and a thumbprint? Why make the “non-identification” driver’s license be in all respects identical to the one which can be used for identification other than a label saying that it cannot be used for identification, while including on it all of the features which permit it to be used for identification?

Like most moves made by any government, this whole thing is done on a whim, without in any way thinking it through.

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  1. The "war" on common sense is near conclusion. Probably the first state that fell was California.