Friday, September 06, 2013

"Oh, Just Screw Democracy"

Obama has gone nucking futs. From ABC News this morning:

President Obama today conceded that he could fail to convince the American public to back proposed U.S. military strikes against Syria, but said that members of Congress should vote to approve the action anyway.
But, Obama said, members of Congress need to consider the lessons of World War II and their own consciences and vote 'yes' to authorize the use of force, even if it means going against the opinion of the majority of their constituents.

What lessons of World War II? Japan directly attacked us. Did he forget that part? Does he think Congress went against the will of the people in declaring war after Pearl Harbor? What fucking history book has he been reading? Is he claiming that Syria is responsible for 9 fucking 11 now? What is he smoking? My computer just blew up.

Let's quit pretending that our government is supposed to represent the will of the people. We only do democracy when it's convenient. When it gets difficult we just resort to blatant oligarchy.

Update: Commenters elsewhere pointed out that his rhetoric is even worse than the conclusion to which I jumped. He's echoing Bush by comparing, in this case, Assad to Hitler. We can no longer appease Assad, we have to stop him before he invades and conquers the rest of the world and engages in genocide at an unprecedented level.

That argument is so entirely bogus that it simply never occurrd to me.

Hitler was engaged in a campaign of continental domination and conquest, and in genocide.

Assad, this Assad, has not even threatened a neighboring country. He made an offer of peace treaties with Isreal and the US, which both nations rejected without even meeting with him. He is fighting an internal civil war, not a war of agression anywhere, and has no designs of agression anywhere. His government has been a secular one, encompassing Sunni, Shiite, Alawite and Christians.

He is "killing his own people" not in the form of genocide, but in fighting a civil war. That is no more genocide than was the shelling of Visckburg during our Civil War. No one, as far as I've seen, has even accused him of engaging in genocide.

The rebels, on the other hand, have lobbed shells and rockets into Turkey and into Lebanon. They have conducted ethnic killings in Shiite villages that they have overrun, have killed Christians merely for being Christians, and are burning Christian churches.

Let's applaud Obama for repeating the Bush argument for war; an argument which is entirely bogus.

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