Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Still 2012

The Chargers are leading at halftime 21-7 and the stadium is rocking. Philip Rivers has thrown three touchdown passes. Everyone is dazzled, for some reason, that Ryan Matthews has carried nine times for 33 yards. I don't find that very impressive, but at least he hasn't fumbled or broken a collarbone.

The Chargers receive the opening kickoff in the second half, score on their opening drive and are leading 28-7. The crowd goes wild. The all-white uniforms should be accompanied by Superman capes.

And then the offense falls on its face while the defense falls on it ass, and special teams contributes a penalty on a Texans field goal kick, which is followed by a Matt Schaub touchdown. Ryan Matthews carries four times for zero yards in the second half. Philip Rivers throws an interception in the fourth quarter which is returned for a Taxans touchdown. The defense repeatedly cannot stop third and more than ten. The Chargers have zero first downs in the fourth quarter.

The final score is a 31-28 Texas win. Why is that so familiar?

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  1. bruce8:55 AM

    Even MSN said it, lots of changes, same old Chargers. At least they're consistent.