Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wheeling and Dealing

President Obama is turning into a real tiger of a negotiator. His “stripped down” deal which he wants passed so that “we can deal with the hard stuff next year” is to extend that Bush tax cuts for the bottom 98% but not for the top 2%, extend unemployment benefits, and hold off on spending cuts until next year. That is simply awesome.

Notice that it actually reads “give me what I want now and we’ll deal with what you want later,” and he thinks Congress can pass it in ten days. He probably thinks NASA can build a spacecraft that can take him, personally, to the moon in two weeks. He won’t need to take any Secret Service with him, because no Republicans live there.

What it would actually do, of course, (if it passed?!) is leave him dealing with what Republicans want next year along with the debt ceiling, which leaves liberal policies like Social Security and Medicare utterly screwed. On the other hand, that may be his plan. Remember, he plays chess in eleven dimensions.

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  1. bruce3:01 PM

    A) that's the standard politician "put off until tomorrow what we don't want to deal with today" ploy. He's as good at that as anyone.

    B) He's an idiot if he thinks he can get that, never mind if Boner can get that or anything close to it through the House. I won't talk about Reid, because I want to punch him in his sneering face. Him and a lot of others. But not the President, because that's illegal or something.

    c) I'd like to see Mr. Obama try that on some other leaders around the world and see how far that gets him.

    all this drama..... TBD. Stay tuned to your favorite media outlet!