Tuesday, December 04, 2012

More Krugman Fails

In one blog post today Krugman says that Republican counter offers are “fake” because they propose raising taxes by $800 billion by eliminating deductions, but don’t specify which deductions. His argument, as most of his arguments do, has a hole. Working out the details takes a lot of work, and if the total is not acceptable then there is no point in doing that. It’s perfectly reasonable to negotiate the total first, and then arrive at the details once that total has been agreed upon.

In another post he slams Republicans for rejecting drug price negotiations for Medicare. “Bargaining over drug prices? Horrors!” He seems to forget that in 2009 Obama met secretly with the pharmaceutical companies before the “health care reform” negotiations began and agreed with them that drug price negotiations for Medicare would not be on the table. Obama was then and is now, I believe, a Democrat.

In both posts his overall positions may actually be ones ones with which I do not disagree, but Krugman seems to have an astonishing inability to provide valid reasons and proofs for his assertions.

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  1. Just like a politician (many of whom are ivory tower people insulated from their constituents and reality) spouting a lot of nonsense and flim flammery.