Friday, December 21, 2012

Loony Bin Time

I thought that it was probably impossible to surpass the idiocy of the political rhetoric emanating from Congress and the White House these days, and I thought wrong. I thought dramatically wrong. I an profoundly shocked at how wrong I was.

For a week now the NRA has been saying that it was going to hold a press conference to propose a plan which would reduce the chances of another school shooting along the lines of that which occurred in Connecticut. They held it today, and it was probably the most profound stupidity since Mad Magazine ceased publication. At least that publication did not pretend that it was serious.

Wayne LaPierre stood at the podium and actually criticized laws which prohibit guns from being carried in schools, ranted against people and officials who advocate gun controls of any kind, and advocated as a method of preventing the shootings that have horrified America the installation of armed guards at all schools and other places where children gather.

If there was ever proof that this nation’s mental health system is failing, Wayne LaPierre is walking, talking, ranting proof of that assertion. If this nation had even a rudimentary mental health system, Wayne LaPierre would be locked up in a loony bin and wearing a straightjacket.

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  1. bruce8:09 PM

    If we had a working mental health system, he's be locked up along with the Newtown, Virginia Tech, Aurora CO, and Giffords shooters.

    But we don't, so at least we can see his ranting for the idiocy that it is. I was shocked that he was saying what he did - I had hoped for some sensible things, like better background checks, better mental health, something... But that? OMG...