Monday, December 24, 2012

Excitement Reigns

The San Diego sports writers are barely short of orgasmic over the Chargers win yesterday. People, it was the Jets. It was a defensive secondary that could not cover a dining room chair with a king-sized blanket. It was a quarterback who, after the ball was snapped to him, stood there wondering what the hell he was supposed to do with it.

The fans are excited an offense that rushed for 87 yards. The whole team, in four quarters. Jamaal Charles of Kansas City, a team with a 2-13 record, rushed for 226 yards. In one game. At least six running backs ran for more than 100 yards yesterday, in one game. The team total for the Chargers yesterday was 87 yards, against the Jets.

The sports writers and fans are ecstatic about the return of Philip Rivers to his “winning form.” It must be about him not fumbling or throwing to the wrong team, because he passed for 136 net yards. Not in one half; that was the game total. Drew Brees, a San Diego castoff, passed for 446 yards yesterday. Eight quarterbacks passed for more than 300 yards yesterday. San Diego fans are excited about Philip Rivers passing for 136 yards.

Excitement in San Diego is a very low bar to jump over.

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  1. bruce6:43 PM

    and this despite them having a losing season and not going to the postseason. I guess Norv Turner is finally going to get the heave-ho? Of course, maybe not... you never can tell with these Chargers people.