Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Left Wing Holiday Greeting

This is how an extreme left winger delivers a Christmas message. First, almost two months after the fact, he spends a paragraph on the “delicious schadenfreude” of the past election, “a dish that hot or cold just never gets old.” He goes on at some length about that, apparently not having noticed that the Republicans held control of the House.

Then he has an even longer paragraph about an article he read regarding the “Romney camp's delusions regarding its electoral prospects,” which he thought was “particularly delicious.” He drones at some length in his Christmas message about the mental deficiencies of Mitt Romney and his attempt to use the presidency to “fill the hole in his soul.”

He then cites an article he enjoyed about the National Review, a group which he describes as a collection of “the old, white, privileged, racist, patronizing, and delusional,” followed by another article which is a “month by month cavalcade of right wing nuttiness” which he describes as “a treat.”

Then he says Merry Christmas & all that because he’s off to “the tropics.”


  1. Would the extreme leftist in question be a rather strange Texan from the panhandle area?

  2. No, I quit reading that one. I'm not sure where this one is located, but he's not staying on my reading list much longer.