Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Too Much Money

I have been reading articles and posts all morning in which Mitt Romney is castigated for the amount of taxes, and the tax rate, that he pays on his income, and I fail to see the point of such criticism. Romney did not write the tax laws, did not participate in writing the tax laws, never lobbied for tax laws, and has never held a federal office of any kind. What is he supposed to do, cheat on his taxes to pay more than he owes?

Why do we persist in demonizing everyone except those who are creating the situations which we deplore? The rich “pay too little tax” because Congress passed laws declaring that they should do so. We should be angry at Congress, but we give them a pass and vent our spleen on the people who “have too much money.”

And therein, I believe, is the point. I don’t think we really give a damn what they pay in taxes, I think we are just pissed off that they have too much damned money.

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  1. bruce9:31 AM

    Yeah, but they must have gotten it by cheating someone else out of "their fair share" or by some nefarious means.

    A wide segment of society has gotten the shaft, and nothing is apparently being dome to help them. So they find someone to blame, and lo and behold it's the ones who still have something. Of course, most politicians are millionaires as well, but they doesn't seems to register.

    Actually, Romney said he got most of his income as capital gains, which is tada! 15%

    The people get what they vote for. There is no 'American Spring' in this country as far as politics goes. The closest thing was Obama in 2008, but he got swallowed up in Washington politics (the one thing I was most afraid of). Of course his Democrat majority was not cohesive and accomplished a big bag of sheepdip.