Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fearless Forecast

Make a note of the date and time of this post, so that you do not accuse me of hindsight. The Detroit Lions will defeat the New Orleans Saints. It will not be a fluke, freak or miracle. It will be an earned win.

Update: Well, I made this prediction before I knew that Detroit was going to use the "San Diego defense" strategy. I have never understood the concept that one counters a potent passing offense by lining up the secondary ten yards from the line of scrimmage and backing away from the receivers when the ball is snapped and not rushing the opposing quarterback. It is based, apparently, on the rather bizarre theory that four pass completions of fifteen yards each is somehow less damaging than one completion of sixty yards.

Not to mention that the Lions defensive players would have difficulty tackling my twelve-year-old neice. Well, grand neice, to be precise.

It's pretty embarrasing that San Diego's offense was only able to score ten points against this defense, and the head coach kept his job. Wierd.


  1. bruce8:20 PM

    nope and not hardly. I wanted the Lions to win, ad they kept it close in the first half - then something happened and the saints blew them away. Of course, all the interceptions made by NO and not made by DET did help - or hinder, depending on your side.

    care to make a prediction about the Steeler vs Broncos? heh heh

  2. bruce5:34 PM

    Well, what does one think of Tebow now? The Broncos played a good game and if they don't keep Tebow as a QB, he could be a pretty decent running back. Nah, they'll keep him now. I wasn't expecting this tight of a game, never mind the Steelers being behind for a lot of it. They might well end up giving New England a run for it's money, especially if the NE defense sucks.