Sunday, January 01, 2012

Oh Good, We Won...

...against the 25th ranked overall defense, 27th against the pass. If the Oakland pass defenders could find our receivers at all, it was only to commit pass interference against them. The Raiders' secondary did a very good imitation of the Keystone Cops, so now we will hear peans of praise from the San Diego sports writers about the excellence of the Chargers coaching staff and how it was their brilliance that achieved an 8-8 record in the face of millions of injuries to everyone including the ball boys.

Meanwhile, Tim Tebow racked up 50 yards passing on 6 completions of 22 attempts for a 27.3% completion percentage, and took the Denver Broncos into the playoffs with a 7-3 loss to Kansas City.

Broncos, Chargers and Raiders are all at 8-8 with Broncos winning the division on third tie breaker, since all four teams in the division are 3-3 in division play. Has to be the NFL's most pathetic division.

Look, people, I'm recovering from surgery. I can't stand all this excitement.

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  1. bruce5:36 PM

    The Chargers played well, better than the Raiders. The Broncos stunk.. but maybe because of Tebow's praying they made it in to the playoffs. i don't know who they re playing yet, but I'm not counting on them winning again.