Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rate The Candidates

You can take a quiz to see which candidate has values which most nearly match yours. There is a scale on the left on which you set the relative importance of the issues, then answer the questions. You don't see the candidates until the end.

I got Ron Paul in 1st at 37% and 1 of 11 categories (Afghanistan war), and Obama 2nd at 24% and 0 of 11 categories. On about half the questions, though, I had to answer "none of the above." Let me know who you get.


  1. Obama 45.4%, 3/11(Energy, Immigration, Defense)
    Huntsman 43.5%, 4/11
    Gingrich 37.9% 2/11
    Not surprised by the first two, but Gingrich? Really?

  2. I got Huntsman 61%, 5 of 11, Obama 40%, 3 of 11, Romney 38%, 2 of 11 - and yes, several "none of the above"

  3. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Oh, Sweet Jesus...Ron Paul was my number one.