Monday, February 02, 2009


It was not as good as the score and (admittedly) the last 14 minutes would imply.

PreBowl: I still have the hots for Faith Hill, and I still hate hearing the national anthem sung to the singer's own made-up tune and as if she were drunk and singing it in a night club.

Game: After watching the thuggery displayed by the Steelers, it's going to be a long time before I root for them again. I started out wanting them to win, but after watching one Steeler punch an opponent in the face after taking him out of bounds, and another landing repeated body blows with both fists on a downed opponent, I really wanted them to lose. Those things had nothing to do with their win, the latter resulted in a one-foot penalty for God's sake, but it was ugly.

I also got sick of the Cardinals, famous for their long-ball artistry, incessantly dinking five-yard sissy ball passes in the middle of the field, and not even doing that very well. With fifteen seconds left in the game, trailing by four points, on first down at your own 35-yard line, why do you throw a five-yard pass in the middle of the field? It gains you nothing and merely costs you your last time out.

In the first sixteen minutes of the second half the Cardinals had been limited to five offensive plays. I would say that was pretty pathetic, except that it was free of turnovers and five times better than the Chargers in the same period against the Steelers, who were limited to one offensive play and managed two turnovers to boot.

Commercials: bad years for commercials. I sort of liked the one with the guy throwing the snow globe (it's a guy thing), and my wife and I both loved the Clydesdale recovering the log. The rest ranged from "meh" to "Oh my God." Corporations are losing millions and laying off thousands of people, but NBC sold out their commercial time slots at record prices to air this?

Well, NASCAR starts in two weeks. Oh crap, its on ESPN though.


  1. We couldn't believe the adds for super big trucks. More signs of the out of touch American auto makers. Who is buying those these days?

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Faith Hill = yowza.. 'Nuff said

    Jennifer Hudson = um, no... What kind of National Anthem is that? I don't think the National Anthem should be open for interpretation.

    I think there was a fair amount of unsportsmanlike conduct on both sides, and the Cardinals certainly got the penalties for it. The 2nd half they came alive, but the Steelers made the big plays when it counted. Sorry, Cards..

    Clydesdale fetching = good
    Insects stealing the coke = cute

    Neither of these makes me want to buy their product per se, however.

    Office ball = yeah it's a guy thing
    Polamalu + coke = okay
    Pepsi forever young = interesting
    Audi car chase = amusing

    The rest = so-so and most were just plain stupid. or inane. or tasteless. Did I say stoopid? yeah, that too.

  3. Maybe the ads for the super big trucks are because people AREN'T buying them. That kinda makes sense, from a big business point of view. (As in: big business is out of touch). We can only hope.
    I always like the Clydesdales: they are just beautiful. There have been better, but "fetch" was good. Problem: - only one horse. If only the beer was as good as the ads.
    I agree with Bruce re the National Anthem (maybe it's genetic?)
    Re the game (less noteworthy than the ads?): I'm with Jayhawk re the Steelers. I know football is "rough", but the puncher should have been kicked out. Talk about poor sportsmanship! How about NO sportsmanship.