Friday, February 20, 2009


When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease there was a bit of a hurdle to clear, but I was doing pretty well with it. The initial symptoms were already clearing up, so it was evident that I am very responsive to Levadopa (not everyone is), and the long-term prognosis was quite good. I also have a program of living in the present and was having good success applying it to my new condition. All in all I was not in any real distress about the issue, but I had not yet reached the level of acceptance with respect to it that I enjoy now.

It was under those circumstances that I heard a man on NPR talking about living with ALS, known as Lou Gerhig's Disease. His voice was calm and utterly without grief or self pity. I can remember one piece of what he said, nearly enough word for word that I'm going to quote it.
I can no longer move sufficiently to pet my cat, so my wife will put the cat in my lap and place my hand on her, so that I can feel her fur.

That had a profound effect on me that is difficult to describe. The memory of it, four years later when I saw that commercial posted at Balloon Juice the other day, is still significant, and still difficult to describe. It is a valuable memory in more than one way, and that is a beautifully done commercial.

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