Thursday, February 26, 2009

Health Care Conspiracy

Remember this in Obama’s speech to Congress, when he was talking about the health care issue?.
Now, there will be many different opinions and ideas about how to achieve reform. That's why I'm bringing together businesses and workers, doctors and health care providers, Democrats and Republicans to begin work on this issue next week.

I sat up and took notice because, to me it debunked what I had already become pretty sure was another piece of garbage reporting on the part of the New York Times. I saw the article on the day it appeared, which was Feb 19th, and was concerned by what it had to say. An excerpt,
Since last fall, many of the leading figures in the nation’s long-running health care debate have been meeting secretly in a Senate hearing room. Now, with the blessing of the Senate’s leading proponent of universal health insurance, Edward M. Kennedy, they appear to be inching toward a consensus that could reshape the debate.

Many of the parties, from big insurance companies to lobbyists for consumers, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, are embracing the idea that comprehensive health care legislation should include a requirement that every American carry insurance.

It goes on to say that Republicans had been excluded and to stress that lobbyists and corporate executives were in charge, and to stress the highly secret nature of the meetings and how “Senate aides had threatened to expel anyone who divulged details of the work group.”

Before I started blogging a bunch of outraged posts about secret meetings and relating to energy meetings and the like, though, I decided to see if any other news agency was reporting this meeting or even any hints of anything similar. Guess what, not a trace. Not a hint. Anywhere. Today, a full week later, not one reporter from any news agency has picked up a hint of this.

And Obama is saying “…begin work on this issue next week.” Ha.

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