Thursday, February 26, 2009

SLT on T with M

lego maniaOne would think that a Spam Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on Toast with Mayo would be a makeshift effort resulting from not having any bacon on hand. One would be wrong.

The Navy eats a lot of Spam, or at least the Submarine Service did circa 1960, and it is fashionable to say with raised eyebrows, "Oh I hate Spam because I got tired of eating it in the..." Whatever. I never got tired of it, which made my shipmates regard me as something of a freak. I would respond to the effect that they were unsophisticated clods with uneducated palates, which sometimes led to lively discussions at mealtimes.

What can I say? I like still Spam right out of the can or fried up nice and crisp, preferably in bacon drippings.

This was my lunch today, and it was awesome.


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    that does look awesome. Fried nice and crispy is yum yum yum.

    Never did care too much for S.O.S., but I usually regarded it as just something to eat. When it was given to me. Not sure if I ever really made it for myself.

    Mom made fried eggs sands and bologna sands as dinner. I don;t think we ever complained. Maybe we were just good kids?

    hahahahaha. yeah right.

  2. But I thought you didn't like fresh tomatoes......

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    We WERE good kids, which included telling the truth, even about her cooking. Fortunately, she was a good cook, and we weren't picky eaters.
    As to fried bologna sandwiches, I still like them. And I was looking for (and not finding) bread just last night so I could make myself a fried egg sandwich!