Friday, August 29, 2008

Stunning Selection

Updated below: Saturday morning

I mean that literally. I mean, look at her. John McCain is obviously still hung up on beauty queens. This lady could make a freight train follow her down a dirt road. A muddy, unused, one lane dirt road.

Cindy McCain can’t be happy about this pick. When you are the former younger woman and the present wife, you are not happy when another younger woman shows up. Cindy usually has the “basic botox” look, so it isn’t easy to tell, but she looks to me to be somewhat less than ecstatic.

Sarah Palin’s qualifications seem to be limited to two things; she is rabidly “anti-choice,” and she is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. (The first is usually known by Republicans as “pro-life,” of course, but I like my term for it better.) She has no experience in foreign policy and has expressed a sincere disinterest in it.

So I guess if McCain is elected to office and incapacitated, this nation will just disengage from the world at large and devote itself to hunting down abortion doctors. When that is completed we will start searching dark alleyways for guys with coat hangers. If you don’t know what that means it’s because you are young and grew up in a free country, and I’m truly happy for you.

She’s presently the subject of a legislative investigation for the abuse of the power of her office, so she fits right in with John McCain’s agenda.

But most of all, her selection stunningly illustrates how McCain will continue the Bush policy of politics over governance. Sarah Palin was selected for her politics and for the purpose of political gimmickry, and not for the actual qualifications that she brings to the nomination.

The office of Vice President exists for one purpose and one purpose only; to assume the Presidency in the event that the President is incapacitated. The person nominated to the position must have one qualification, and only one qualification; that person must be qualified to be President.

Sarah Palin was chosen because she is female, to cater to disaffected Clinton backers; because she is “anti-choice,” to cater to the religious base, and because she is “pro-gun,” to cater to the rest of the base. She was chosen for those reasons despite the clear fact that she does not have the experience to qualify her to serve as President under any circumstances, and especially not at a time when the nation would be in turmoil due to the sudden loss of its sitting Chief Executive.

John McCain demonstrated his lack of leadership and qualification to serve as this nation’s President by making this choice.

Update: Saturday morning
The "anti-choice" crowd oppose abortion even when the woman's life is at risk. They will allow a woman to die, and the fetus with her, to assure that the fetus is not actively terminated. One life for sure, possibly two, lost; the one loss certainly needless. And they oppose contraception.

That's not "pro-life."

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  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Sorry to disappoint you Jayhawk, but the overwhelming majority of those who oppose abortion even in the "case of rape and incest" still permit it to save the woman's life. Specifically, Roman Catholic ethicists will permit it when the alternate is to "allow a woman to die, and the fetus with her".