Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Convention Tribute

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg gave a gracious and heartwarming tribute to “Uncle Teddy” last night and I’m glad I watched. Needless to say, I’m glad I watched the lion roar one more time. “The dream lives on” indeed. How can you not love that man? I only hope he makes it to the next quadrennial, and he is “the man” – he just might.

I thought the filmed tribute to Ted Kennedy was typical Ken Burns and, in typical Ken Burns fashion, it stunk. Ken Burns is all about camera angles and gimmicks and dramatic lines. Burns boils everything down to details and in doing so trivializes that which he is trying to depict. Burns makes a film about his skill and his artistry and not about that which he films. If Burns filmed a tribute to the Grand Canyon he would focus on the “grandeur” of a single drop of water, with some tricky shots of some grains of sand, and we would be left to wonder what the canyon itself actually was.

But it was all good. We saw and heard Caroline, and we saw and heard Ted. Suffering through Burns was a small enough price to pay.

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