Sunday, August 31, 2008

NOAA Hurricane Warning

Many parishes in Southeast Louisiana and counties in South Mississippi have evacuation orders in effect. please follow the advice of local government and emergency management officials.

In the area near landfall of the eye extremely dangerous winds will cause extensive damage and all mobile homes will be destroyed. Houses of poor to average construction may be severely damaged or destroyed. Moderate to major damage could occur to well constructed homes. Many gabled roofs may fail along with some exterior walls. Aluminum and light steel roofs will be torn off buildings at industrial parks. Partial roof and exterior wall failures are likely at low rise apartment Buildings especially those of poor to average construction. Some windows in high rise office buildings will be blown out. Airborne debris has the potential to cause additional major damage as well as injuries and a few fatalities. Near total power loss is expected with numerous lines and power poles knocked down. The availability of potable water will be diminished as filtration systems begin to fail. Numerous trees, especially small to medium trees, will be downed,snapped or uprooted.

A potential storm surge of 10 to 14 feet will be possible near and to the right of location of landfall. Life threatening flooding is possible. Sections of West Jefferson and lower LaFourche hurricane protection levees could be over topped. Areas outside of hurricane protection levees will be severely inundated.

Many residences of average construction impacted by the storm surge may be heavily damaged or destroyed. Numerous roads will be swamped. Entire flood prone coastal communities will be cutoff by storm surge flooding. Significant storm surge flooding will move well inland especially along bays and bayous. A storm surge of this magnitude could result in extensive flooding and pose a
threat to life and property.

Notice the, "...and all mobile homes will be destroyed." Jeebus.

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