Sunday, August 03, 2008

Board of Boobs

Bird watcherUp to now when major corporations broke the law it was necessary for Congress to pass legislation changing the law to be congruent with corporate activity. That way the corporations didn't actually break the law any more and could continue their behavior.

The Federal Communications Commission apparently took notice that we didn't like that very much, so they've changed the procedure. They acknowledge that Comcast broke the law by blocking downloads, but they are suggesting that the mere statement of that fact is sufficient enforcement. They are not changing the law to suit Comcast, but they are not punishing Comcast for breaking the law, not reprimanding Comcast in any way, and are not even telling Comcast to stop doing it.

Boobs. Sitting there grinning like jackasses eating thistles.

Update: Sunday, 4:00pm
I stand corrected. FCC did tell Comcast to stop doing it, but without any threats of action if they failed to comply, just an unadorned, "Stop that."

Update 2: Sunday, 5:20pm
According to my recently installed StatCounter, this post earned me two hits from Google search, the keyword for which was "boobs."
Okay, I guess I should have seen that coming. This is the intertubes.

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  1. Anonymous12:53 AM

    okay, I found that highly amusing. A board of boobs they may be, abut how about a board of nincompoops? Save the board of b**bs for the Swedish Bikini Team. Ok, you may slap me now.