Friday, June 13, 2008

This is Who We Want

No more dramatic contrast can be drawn between the two candidates than the one highlighted by the decision handed down by the Supreme Court yesterday. That decision, restoring the "Great Writ" partially unwinds the Military Commissions Act of 2006. Glenn Greenwald, in his post today on the subject which you should read in its entirety, reminds us of how these two Senators participated in the passage of that bill.
Passage of the Military Commissions Act was spearheaded by John McCain, who was anointed by cowardly Senate Democrats to speak for them and negotiate with the White House. Once McCain blessed the Military Commissions Act, its passage was assured. Barack Obama voted against it, and once its passage appeared certain, Obama offered an amendment to limit it to five years. That amendment failed, rendering the MCA the law of the land without any time limits.

Barack Obama tried to stop this atrocity and, when he saw he could not do that, he tried to limit it as best he could. He was thwarted in that effort as well, but he fought the good fight in behalf of the principles for which this country has stood for two centuries.

McCain, for all his bragadoccio of bring a "maverick" not only went along, he aided and abetted the Bush Administration's power grab.

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