Thursday, June 05, 2008

Beaten Into Submission

ClintonNow that she is graciously going to “suspend” her campaign and announce “her support” for Barack Obama and “party unity,” we will all join hands with her, sing Kumbaya together and move on in sweetness and harmony toward November.

Not quite yet for me.

When I was in grade school if someone was spitting on me, throwing rocks at me and stabbing me in the back at every opportunity, it took more than having a teacher tell them “Stop that” for me to be willing to be friends with them. Just because they said “Okay” and apologized in the formula dictated by the teacher did not mean that I believed for a second that their nature had changed one iota.

They had to prove something with actions, not mere words. I would deal with them afterwards using the old adage of, “When you dine with the devil, sup with a long spoon.”

The Clinton person received at least two phone calls: one from 23 members of Congress, the other from 8 Senators. All were people allied with her and high in the Democratic hierarchy. They were angry with her behavior Tuesday night and they were telling her, not asking, to concede the nomination and to support the winner.

So in the end, the Democratic leadership did step up to the task, and they had to, because in the end Clinton had to be beaten into submission.

I do not think that should be glossed over for the sake of her history, or for her position or for her precious voters.

She did not run a “historic campaign.” She ran a narcissistic, angry, incompetent, incoherent, dishonest and divisive campaign. She lied about her past, she lied about her accomplishments, she lied about her present, she lied about her opponent and she made promises that she would be unable to keep if elected and that were therefor lies as well.

It does not seem likely that this Clinton person will be named as running mate, because to do so would be a stunning demonstration of incompetence by the newly elected nominee. If, perchance, he does get blackmailed into it, he had certainly best get himself a very long spoon.

Update: why two posts disgusted with this Clinton person, and only one about Obama's historic victory? Because one is about her speech Tuesday night, and the other is about my opinion of her tepid attempt (so far) at riding the party unity pony.

And because this speaks for itself. I cannot improve on it.

Although Churchill might.
"Future generations will say, this was their finest hour."

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  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I was thinking of sooo many things to comment on about HRC's attitude Tuesday... and didn't know where to begin. Mostly it boiled down to her campaign style and there was nothing I liked about it.. and she was continuing it even when it was clear she had lost (well, it was clear before that, but this was really the end). She just kept it up and didn't know when to stop. Like going full bore down the road, seeing and ignoring the "slow" signs and running the stop sign because you didn't recognize it until you're going through it.. or was hell-bent on the drive that you didn't feel like stopping.

    I've believed all along that she needed to be slapped down in order to stop, insomuch she would not do it herself (this is political, not anti-women, just to make that clear).

    And just like Jayhawk said, now is the time for actions. Everyone will be watching her (and BillyBoy) for any speck of evidence that they are not behind Sen. Obama. For her political future, and the best interests of the country, she must put on her best happy face and submerge herself to the greater good. This will not be easy for her or WJC. Their support can be useful, but it had better be unadulterated (no pun intended) and without strings.
    We will be waiting and watching.

    And Sen Obama should NOT pick her as VP. He can and will become president without either Clinton.

    I admire the way BO has run a non-negative campaign. An honest, eloquent, hopeful, positive message. So refreshing... Will he be able to do all the things he wants to? Maybe, maybe not. It's not all the POTUS. But it is a start. The attitude and message starts at the top.