Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Advancing the Cause

Harriet Christian is backing the wrong horse in the feminism issue. She is damning the Democrat [sic] Party because Hillary Clinton did not win the day at the Rules and Bylaws Committee on Saturday and, the larger issue, because Clinton will not win the nomination. Ms. Christian blames everyone except, of course, Hillary Clinton.

Harriet Christian should look to these college softball players to win the day for her cause. They inspire me more in a few minutes than Clinton has in her lifetime. In case you don’t know the story…

softball winnersThe Western Oregon player shown, Sara Tucholsky, hit a home run in a game against Central Washington. It was the first home run of her career and, with two runners on base, it was a game winner. She blew out her knee at first base, however, and was unable to round the bases putting the home run in jeopardy. The batter must touch all bases for the run to count, and her teammates may not assist her in any way.

The Central Washington players asked if the rules prevented the opponents from assisting the base runner. The officials said there was no barrier to that, so two of the opponents carried Sara around the bases, pausing at each base for her to touch it, and Western Oregon won the game. Both teams won the day.

I can only hope that men would have behaved as nobly.

Update: To belabor the obvious, do you not think that those two Central players wanted to win? Of course they did. They would not be in the game if they did not want to win. They would never, ever quit. But they recognize that there is something bigger than "self" at stake in this game. They almost certainly cannot put into words what that bigger something is, but they know that it is there and that it matters. They serve it first and their own pride and self-satisfaction only secondary to it.

They make me proud of my nation; that it can produce such people.


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I saw that story and brought tears to my eyes. A fine example of sportsmanship that would be well to be emulated in all sports and politics and well, life in general. But especially sports and politics.

    And yes, I think the HRC backers that cry because they are being picked on are weeping crocodile tears. The Rules committee didn't have to rule the way they did... they could have said, you broke the rules, you pay the price, HRC gets nothing (oh and BO too). What HRC wanted was patently a no-can-do anyway. Greedy so-and-so. Serves her right, she got more than she deserved anyway. I just fervently hope that this really is the end of it and we hear no more from her except "Obama's my man".

    But I won't hold my breath.

  2. I also saw that story and agree with Jayhawk and Bruce. But do I think male players would have done it? Maybe, and maybe I will win the lottery, too. Sorry. Does this say that BO is the "better woman?" - or just that HC is succeeding in "being a man"?