Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Democratic Warmup
Prior to Gore’s endorsement of Obama last night, the Governor of Michigan was at the podium warming up the crowd. Countdown was showing her as background to the discussion of the moment, and she was nothing if not animated. She had arms waving, fists flying, fingers pointing… She was smiling a lot in the midst of her declamations, and at one point she took off her shoe and waved it around but stopped short of pounding it on the podium. There was no sound and I can’t read lips, so I have no idea what she was saying, but I was ready to go fight in her army, storm whatever battlements she need storming, whatever.

I don’t envy Gore and Obama trying to follow that act.

Speaking of Which
What’s with Gore endorsing Obama at this point in the process? Really going out on a limb, isn’t he. Given that his only other choice is…

British Surge
Which segues nicely into the outstanding valor of our intrepid allies across the pond, who timed their announcement of their Afghanistan “surge” to coincide with Bush’s visit. They are surging their troop levels by adding 250 soldiers to their forces in that country.

250 troops, not battalions, troops. Knock yourself out, England.

I guess that’s better than Iceland with its troop. Singular. But is adding 250 troops really worth an announcement? I know the British are fond of understatement, but this is carrying that trait to a bit of an extreme.

Asleep at the Switch
Lee Child has been busy writing. A new Jack Reacher novel came out this month and I didn’t know about it. How did that happen? Usually I’m at the bookstore before it opens. My wife gave me the hardcover for my birthday today. (65th) Blogging may be slow for a while.

Bad Plan
My plan as a youngster was the classic, "Die young and leave a good looking corpse." Both parts of that ship have sunk.


  1. Hmmm, is that Jack Reacher supposed to be a link? [I can always look him up at my bookmarked library site:)]. Do they have midnight release parties for his books?
    Happy birthday! (or better yet)

  2. Happy Birthday Bill! Hope you had a great day!

  3. Holy moly, Happy Birthday Jayhawk! Here's hoping you enjoy many more!

  4. Anonymous12:36 PM

    haven't looked here in a few days..

    1) Happy Birthday! not a corpse yet, but still good looking

    2) yeah, Gore endorsing now is like Edwards.. what's the point? opportunists all. Doesn't mean anything to me.

    2) Are the British sending Prince Harry back? maybe he will be a force multiplier.. like tie more Taliban forces down looking for him, ha ha.

    3) Don't know "Jack Reacher", but I liked Barbara's HB link