Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tree Warmers

tree warmersMy neice (kniece?) is a knitter (writes a knitting blog no less) and I class myself as something of a “tree hugger”, so this piece caught my eye in today’s paper. I couldn’t find a link for the local paper so here is the AP link so you can read what it’s all about. It’s not actually about keeping the trees warm, it’s just about having some fun.

Have you hugged your tree today?


  1. yep, that's moi having fun, wondering what the heck nancy had gotten me into this time LOL! IF you visit our website (non commercial) it has a wee slide show. www.jafagirlart.com or visit my blog and click on the no news or no news heading and it will take you to the AP story.

  2. We're taking over the world...one tree at a time. LOL