Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Make It Stop

I have reached the point that I don't particularly care who wins. The Clinton smear campaign is working in that, even though I don't really believe anything that she and her surrogates are saying about him, I'm beginning to think that I don't like Obama either. All of that doesn't make me like Clinton, it just makes me angry that she took away from me something that I was beginning to believe in. It just makes me disgusted with the whole thing. I just want it to go away.

Listen to this. "I will present my lifetime of experience. John McCain will present his lifetime of experience. Barack Obama will present a speech he made in 2002." She talks about a united Democratic party in November, but she just said that if she loses the nomination you should vote for John McCain rather than her fellow Democrat.

And the Democratic Party is letting her do this.

And still, even after statements like that, people are saying that all we need to do is elect a Democrat, any Democrat, to the White House and "the heavens will open, the light will come down, heavenly choirs will sing and the world will be perfect because there is a Democrat in the White House."

Even if Obama wins, he represents a political party that allows this kind of despicable campaigning. What support will he get from his party for any kind of positive change in government? None. Electing a Democratic Congress has done precisely what for us? Electing a Democrat to the White House is, in itself, utterly meaningless.

I am sick unto death of the ridiculous posturing and posing by politicians and the endless pontification by news media on polls, horse race and "gotcha" issues. The height of media ambition is to embarrass a candidate, to ask a question that will force an "admission of guilt." It's as if the media considers that its purpose in life is to drive election losses.

No one comment, report or slogan is all that odious in itself and the claim can reasonably be made that, in that respect, this is not a particularly nasty campaign. But the endless and constant barrage of negativity, with not a single break for positive methods of campaigning, results in an atmosphere that is discouraging in the extreme.

I was hoping a couple of weeks ago that Obama would win big today so that he would be the nominee. I am still hoping for that, but only because it would give me hope that this ugly, sicking exercise of spitefuness would be over at last.

I no longer really care who wins, just make it end.


  1. I'm with you on that, fella.

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    yeah I agree.. I wished that Obama would have won (aka: higher percentage) Texas, then HRC would not have been crowing. And yes, put an end to it. Sorry to see this battle going on and on.. not good for anyone, especially the election process.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Obama (and the Repubs) being relatively free of vitriol, but was of course expected that out of the Clinton camp. Too bad politicians seem to think thye way to win is by being an a$$h...

    Unfortunately, I now see this more and more being a 1-party repeat on the 2000 election, where one candidate kept fighting the contest and keeping it on life support until it was slapped down. I really hope one of the two Dems don't use nefarious & legal means to usurp/steal the nomination. ANd I think we all know who would do that, don;t we?