Sunday, March 02, 2008

One Single Difference

Pundits and news reporters keep saying that there is no really significant difference between the two Democratic candidates, that either of them will make a wonderful, awesome president, and that all we need to do is elect a Democrat to the highest office in the land and all will be well. It matters not the least who that Democrat is, as long as he/she is a Democrat.

And I have a piece of land in Florida for you, ocean view...

There is one single, factual historical difference between Obama and Clinton. It is significant and telling and it is getting far too little attention from anyone. Both of them attended and graduated from prestigious law schools. It's what they did upon graduation that catches my attention.

Clinton joined a high-powered law firm and began litigating on behalf of a corporate clientele. Obama went to South Side Chicago and worked as a community organizer and civil rights attorney on behalf of people who had lost their jobs when steel mills closed.

Which one do you believe will best embody the principle of "government for the people" if elected president? I know which one I believe will do so.

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  1. Anonymous12:49 PM

    good point made by Jayhawk... other things about Ms HRC s she seems to think she's entiltled to the Presidency, she did not plan her campaign with any clallenges in her way, she wants a return to yesteryear (when WJC was prez), etc. I certainly do not want Bubba back in there in any way shape or form. If "change" is what you want, then for sertain another Clinton is NOT the way to do it.

    A lot of HRC is "look at me i'm so good and "don't look at him he's so not-good-enough", and she doesn;t stop to think that maybe she's not good enough either in the voter's eyes. Mr Obama has been more "look outside of me", even though we know of course, it is a great deal about the leader in the position.

    Yes, Obama is less "experienced" in some ways.. but the Presidency is more often than not, on-the-job training.. there is not a lot that will prepare you with "experience" for that position, sorry.

    Obama, maybe. Clinton, never. McCain, prob more so than Obama.