Monday, March 31, 2008


...and counting. No, that's not how much our government has spent fighting a war in some given period of time. That's how much has been spent so far on this seemingly endless campaign for President of the United States. That's how much has been spent, with seven months still remaining before the nation casts its vote. That extrapolates to $985,516,110 that will have been spent, nearly one billion dollars, by election day.

Think how much more usefully that money could have been spent. Think how many homes could have been rebuilt in New Orleans. Think how many impoverished and homeless people could have been fed and housed. Think how many sick and dying people could have been treated. Think how many bridges could have been strengthened, prevented from collapse and lives saved.

Instead, that money has been spent on the self-aggrandizement of egomaniacs in the relentless pursuit of power.

And that only counts money spent by the candidates themselves. Add to that the money spent by surrogates, 527's and other political action groups outside the candidacies.

What a godawful waste.

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  1. Anonymous9:08 AM

    yikes! another reason to look at the British for examples of running a tight campaign. Yeah, I know their system is different, but for pete's sake, get a grip...

    Campaign finance reform usually tries to limit the amt of $$ given by PAC's, "special interest's" (and who isn't these days?), corporations, etc. And this money comes from somewhere.. You notice that no one ever says anything about the TOTAL amt of $$ being spent? When broken in peices, anything seems managable.. like the "low monthly payments" of the current homeowners? More proof the politicians live in an alternate reality.