Friday, October 12, 2007

Weekend Football

Female eye rolling is reaching epic proportions, as the Raiders are coming to San Diego this weekend. Yeah, the despicable silver and black is coming to pollute Qualcomm Stadium. Now we just have to worry about which Chargers team will show up: the one that thrashed Denver last week, or the one with its collective head firmly up its collective ass. There's also the question of which Raiders team will show up. Talk about unpredictability. I'm guessing one team or the other will win and the margin will be either large or small. How's that for expert reckless prognostication?

I probably should set up some sort of bet with the Utah branch of my family, as San Diego State plays Utah at noon Saturday in Salt Lake City. SDSU is less than a mile from where I live; in fact, there is a mini-dorm across the street from me. SDSU students, happily, are rather quiet. At least these are. Anyway, much the same conditions apply to this game as the one above, and my fearless prediction is the same. One team will win, by a few points or many. Am I good, or what?

On a parting note, I have to say that Faith Hill really does it for me singing the intro to Sunday Night Football. When it was MNF the singer was something to be suffered through, but Ms. Hill is an extraordinarily pretty lady with a lovely voice. She can spend as much time singing that intro as she likes.

And is there any better pair than Al Michaels and John Madden?

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  1. You're on - what is the bet?
    There is some question as to which Utah team will be there - the one which trounced that ranked California team, or lay down for UNLV. I can always hope. It is supposed to rain on the game, but at least not snow like it did a couple of weeks ago. That, however, might give us an advantage over those southern California folks.
    And BTW, I'm not Jayhawk's mom, at least not technically.