Saturday, October 06, 2007

Crocodile Tears

Much is being said about the “graceful” admissions of Marion Jones-Thompson as to her steroid use and sympathy is flying through the airwaves like doves at a peace rally. Many “oohs” and “aahs” as she stands at the microphone weeping.

Oh, please. Spare me the tears.

She wanted to beat her competitors so badly that she was willing to use foul means to do so. When that effort was successful she waved her arms over her head and accepted the medals and gloried in the plaudits of the masses as if she actually deserved them.

When accused of cheating she righteously and angrily denounced the accusers and claimed to have achieved all her success by means of her “God-given ability” alone.

Now she’s “retiring from the sport I love so much” and tearfully asking us to forgive her.

Retiring from the sport is a good way to avoid being thrown out of it. If she truly loved the sport she would not have dishonored it with her cheating, would not have dishonored it by lying for many years about the foul means she used for winning the medals and honors it bestowed upon her. If she truly loved the sport she would not wait for those medals to be stripped from her but would surrender them voluntarily, admitting that she does not deserve them.

Forgiveness is for people who genuinely repent of undiscovered, or at least recently revealed transgressions not for those who, after years of lying about misdemeanors which are known to all, can no longer sustain their lies.

Slink off into the anonymity you deserve, Ms. Jones-Thompson. Slither off into obscurity, where you would have been if you had not cheated your way into the limelight.

Update: 9:00 AM

Particularly odious is, "I have let down myself." Oh, barf.


  1. Oh, barf.

    LOL Jayhawk. And well put too.

    If she had not been caught cold by the Feds for lying, we'd have never had this tearful "apology."

    Good riddance, I say.

  2. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I find it funny that the buyer of the Barry Bonds 756 [?] home run ball put it up for the public to vote on it's fate - it will be asterisked.... and Mr Bonds is *&^%$#@ phooey on him and all the others who did perfomance enhancing whenther they admitted to it or not. The weasliness and posturing of their responses shows what they are. And the public perception is not enhanced.