Monday, October 08, 2007

Minus the Sack Dances

Oh yeah, 41-3. This is what the Chargers look like when they aren't focused on their "sack dances."


Back in the 60's the Packers had maybe eight plays in their playbook. They lined up and pretty much announced what they were going to do, and then executed it so well that the opponent could not stop them. They won the first two Superbowls doing that. (Tho they weren't yet called Superbowls.)

Norv Turner simplified the game plan yesterday, and the players looked like they knew precisely what their assignments were at all times. Complex doesn't win games, execution wins games. You don't need all that sophistication in your playbook, you just need for your players to know what they are supposed to do on each play and have them motivated to do it crisply and with enthusiasm.

The defense, by the way, still looked a bit shaky to me. Not enough pressure on the qb much of the time, and the secondary still tends to play far too loose. Still, they tightened up when it counted, and they forced turnovers. They were hitting like demons, too.

And the result was 41-3 on the road. Nice work. We just need to be sure it becomes a habit.

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