Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fog in the Forecast

What clears the smoke and ash out of the air better than anything else? Fog. Works even better than rain. What's in our forecast? Fog. I just took a bag of garbage out at about 10:00PM, and there was already dew settling on the lid of the can. That means the humidity is increasing. Good news.

Fires are coming under control and people are going home. That is those who have homes to go to. The firefighters will still be on the lines for some time, though; probably for as much as another month. Another Santa Ana is forecast for next week, but only a very mild one; just enough to warm us up a little with some offshore flow, but not enough to kick up any winds.

One thing that my elder sister pointed out after one of my earlier posts. My grandmother was born in upstate Louisiana and grew up on a plantation near Millikens Bend. She lived in New Orleans after she was married and both my mother and my elder sister were born in New Orleans. I actually knew that; one of my fondest childhood memories is listening to Grandma telling stories about growing up on Right Bower Plantation. She had her own carriage horse named Blackberry.

For whatever it's worth, I was born in Florida. Someone once commented that he thought only eleven-year-olds and Seminole Indians were born in Florida. Nope, kids of the U. S. Army Air Corps were born there too.

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