Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Walking into the Trap

It seems to me that any Democrat seeking to be in office in 2009 and onward is a complete and utter idiot. Or something. I can understand why Senator Feingold decided not to run for president: he is far too intelligent. Same for Al Gore.

Hillary Clinton is not stupid; she is just so blinded by her lust for power that she cannot see the obvious pitfall. She set her path years ago and is so narrowly focused on the goal, the ultimate power trip, that she has allowed herself to be blinded by the light being reflected from the golden throne of power upon which her gaze is fixed.

The next government is going to preside over a debacle in Iraq. I don’t know what form that debacle is going to take, but it is not going to be pretty. If the next government leaves major forces in that country they will be despised for breaking their promise to end the war. If they reduce the forces to a token then civil war will divide Iraq to a fracture point, Kurdistan will boil over, and the next government will be blamed for losing the war in Iraq.

Nothing is going to prevent the next government from presiding over an economy that is disappointing in the extreme to the American people. We have been excluding food and energy costs from the inflation index for years to disguise it, but increasingly the middle class cannot meet the rising cost of living and as the value of the dollar decreases and the price of oil increases that will get worse. The root cause will be the excesses of the Republican establishment, but it will come to a head on the watch of the next government and they will be blamed for it.

Healthcare in this country is increasingly a criminal conspiracy. Those engaged in the conspiracy decry Canadian healthcare by pointing out that there is a waiting time for procedures, but at the end of the wait everyone does get the procedure. In this country if you cannot pay for it you don’t get it, and millions do not receive needed medical procedures at all because they do not have the money to pay for them or because the insurer denies the procedure. The next government is not going to change this conspiracy and is going to get a lot of heat for it.

Any Democrat with any sense at all is going to maintain a very low profile. There are hard times ahead that cannot be avoided, consequences of the choices our government has made and that we the people have allowed our government to make. They cannot be avoided. They must simply be borne. They will pass. Why any Democrat would choose to put themselves in a position to be blamed for them completely escapes me.

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