Saturday, September 15, 2007

Embracing Defeat

”If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” That’s an old truism, of course, but my father added one clause to it, ”If you finally do have to admit defeat, for God’s sake don’t whine about it.”

Democrats have a slightly different approach,

”If you think that you might not succeed, start whining without even making the attempt.”

George Bush does not even have to state that he will veto a bill. If the cravens who lead the Democratic Congress think that he might veto a bill they will not even bring it to the floor for a vote. What they will do is whine about ”not having the votes.”

Instead of cowering in your foxholes you sniveling cowards, what you do is you pass the bill and you make him actually veto it. Then you tell the American people that he is the bad guy for vetoing the bill that you passed. You could even send him another bill identical to the one he vetoed and make him veto it again.

When the Republicans controlled Congress they controlled it. If they did not approve of a bill it never reached the floor. They rendered the minority party irrelevant. Now that Democrats are in the majority they allow the minority party to remain in control. As a minority they didn't dare filibuster because it would make them look like they were obstructionists and in the majority at the mere mention of filibuster they turn pale, faint and withdraw bills in the Senate, and they allow the lack of Senate consensus to render the House impotent. Even when in the majority, their lack of courage has allowed the minority Republican party to render them as thoroughly irrelevant as ever.

We elected cowards. You Democrats are acting against the interests of your country and of the people who elected you. You are behaving in a self-serving and cowardly manner. You are not fit to serve and are as big a disgrace to your office as the Republicans who preceded you.

Will I vote against the Democrats? You bet I will. I will vote for anyone who campaigns to replace them regardless of their party affiliation. I will vote to put into office anyone who will replace anyone who is presently in office.

Provided only that her name is not Hillary Clinton, of course.

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  1. Anonymous4:44 PM

    there is too much whining and hand wringing, just DO something for cryin out loud. Except vote for Hillariousy and Oblama