Thursday, September 27, 2007

Clintonian Equivocation (updated)

She's still doing it. Leading in the polls to a degree that suggests to her that she has earned the presidency by sheer determination and the rules of inheritance, that she is somehow "entitled" to this nation's highest office, she has so much contempt for the lower classes of this country, the uneducated and unthinking masses (her view) that provide the votes that will actually put her in that office, that she does not need to offer any insight as to what she will do once elected.

Asked what she will do about the funding of Social Security, she replies,
"I don't think I should be negotiating about what I would do as president."

That's a follow up to her, "A presidential candidate ought not to say everything that they think."

She no longer even pretends that she is or will be accountable to the people. She no longer even pretends that she cares what we think. Determinations as to the future course of Social Security will be made within the wealthy governing upper class and it's essentially none of our damned business. We are the governed class, not the governing class, and it is our function to shut the hell up and vote the way that the governing class and the media tells us to.

She is the anointed one and the voters should simply get out of her way.

Update: 9:50 AM

And she voted for the Lieberman/Kyl Amendment. Are there any doubts remaining about her actual regrets as to her vote for the Iraq war and why she won't apologize for it? Warmongering bitch.

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