Sunday, September 16, 2007

Football Sunday

The Chargers play the Patriots later today and in my tradition of fearlessly predicting outcomes, here goes: I don’t know. It depends on which Chargers team shows up: the one with enormous talent, or the one with an astounding lack of mental discipline.

Most (but not all) San Diego writers are crowing about how wonderful our defense was against Chicago. I was less impressed. The front seven excelled, but the secondary was saved by the fact the Grossman gets rattled when he is pressured. Brady does not, so the secondary is going to have to play substantially better than it did against the Bears.

The offense was simply pathetic against the Bears in pretty much every aspect of the game. If a defense puts eight men on the line of scrimmage for the entire game and you cannot pass the ball against the remaining three you are going to win very few games. Did the Chargers even have more than one wide receiver on the field last Sunday? An offense that drops more passes than it catches is not a Super Bowl contender.

So, which team will show up this evening? That’s a familiar refrain.

A columnist to enjoy

One Mike Argento writes a column for the York Daily Record and his column yesterday contained a couple of real treasures. You should really read the whole thing, but a portion of my favorite is about a kid who impaled himself atop a spiked, twelve-foot fence in the attempt to enter the York County Fair. He had a ticket in his pocket, oddly enough, and the gate was a mere fifty feet away. Mike writes,

This should be part of the No Child Left Behind testing: “Johnny is walking to the fair and gets tired of walking, should he:

“A. Continue walking the last block to the gate anyway.
“B. Try to climb a 12-foot-tall, spike-topped fence.
“C. What was the question?”

One of the firefighters who rescued him said an old guy walked by after they duct-taped Fry to the fence to prevent him from moving and committing further damage to himself, and asked, “You aren't going to leave him up there?”

This guy, by the way is a pretty good discovery. In the “header” on the left at that link above you’ll see the Mike Argento’s name. Click on it and you’ll get an archive of his columns. You will have a lot of fun exploring them.

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