Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Activity (?)

wait what?This fairly well describes my level of activity this weekend, now that I have the roof leak dealt with (it's not raining) and the plumbing problems in hand (plumber appointment is made). The Steelers/Ravens wore me out, but the right team won. I'm not sure how Atlanta even managed to win a single game with that defense, let alone become the NFC's top seed.

I do know how SDSU found it's way into the top ten. Awesome.

The two games today are supposed to be relative blowouts, but I don't know how a game could get more lopsided than that Falcons/Packers debacle. It's too bad they don't have a rule like boxing and just let them just throw a towel out on the damned field.

Update: We now know how a game can get more lopsided. The only thing more inept than the Seahawks' offense is its defense. The last game this weekend doesn't have any teams named for birds in it so onward and upward, hopefully, to better things.

Update the second: Better things indeed. The Jets not only won; that was no fluke, nor was it poor play by the Patriots. The Jets played well and dominated on both offense and defense. As "bruce" commented, so much for my rather cocky prediction, but we can still entertain the thought of a Super Bowl ring for Ladanian Tomlinson.


bruce said...

TH Raven Steelers game was the one to watch... and it was good. WTF was the incomplete?/fumble that just sat there until a Raven thought it was a good idea to walk it over the line. Geez, the Steelers must have felt like idiots. They made up for it in the 1/2 half.

And yeah the Falcons were like all those birds that fell from the sky... these guys are#1??? yes, please just throw in the towel, it's over.

bruce said...

HA! what about your (slim and) none chances for the Jets? Bwuhahahahah.....

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