Friday, January 21, 2011

This Old House

I'm about ready to claim the plumber as a dependent on my tax return.

After replacing the angle stops on all of the bathroom sinks, and the faucets on two of them, last night just before going to bed I had the kitchen sink faucet handle break off in my hand. It's not a matter of simply replacing the handle, as it broke off below the set screw. So the plumber, with whom I am on a first name basis, will be back right after lunch today.

It's sort of like not letting an old car know it can be repaired. The minute it finds out it can be repaired it goes nuts and wants everything to be repaired and replaced. I actually told a machanic that once. He was changing the oil and offered to fix something and I said, "No, I don't want this car to know it can be repaired." He decided I was nuts.

We won't even mention my opinion of women and what happens when they discover... No, I said we wouldn't mention that.


bruce said...

you can't start a comment like that and just let it drop... you know we'll all come up with nightmare scenarios. Come on, give it up! (privately, if need be... :)

Jayhawk said...

Actually, it didn't mean anything at all. I had nothing in mind, which is why the ellipsis. It was merely a generic and gratitous sexist remark. I do that every once in a while to remind my wife that I am not perfect. Hahahahaha.

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